Before any phytochemical analysis (isolation, identification, quantification) or activity test (in-vitro), it is necessary to prepare the plant material in order to recover all or part of the active ingredients present in the plant. To do this, the FeedInTech laboratory can rely on a range of techniques and equipment for sample preparation.

After rigorous sample preparation, various phytochemical analyses can be performed. The FeedInTech laboratory has a chromatographic platform with a range of devices for fractionation, identification and quantification. These devices are part of the FeedInTech laboratory's research to improve the botanical knowledge used by Nor-Feed.

Whether for sourcing or optimising new formulas, FeedInTech can rely on an experimental laboratory with numerous biochemical, in-vitro and in-vivo tests to evaluate the effectiveness of the plants. The FeedInTech laboratory aims to develop precision animal nutrition through its knowledge of plants.